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Automotive 4 Camera System

Automotive 4 Camera System

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Camera System


Ideal for cars, vans, forklifts, buses, cranes, trucks, etc.

Dual voltage system

System Features:

Backlighting for screen, automatically adjusts to the brightness of the environment

System format: NTSC/PAL selection

Simple installation and easy to use, with innovative features

Monitor Features:

7″ LCD screen with 800 x 400 resolution

Automatic NTSC/PAL selection

A variety of installation options to meet individual requirements

Heavy duty stand for secure installation

Sun shield for easy viewing

Operating temperature -20° to 70° C

Camera Features:

Clear vision at night with infrared LED illumination

Rain/sun shutter to protect the camera

High quality CCD with large viewing angle (120°)

IP68 rating: waterproof and dustproof

Infrared LEDs provide clear vision at night

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