Reverse buzzer nightmares

Reverse buzzer nightmares

Have you ever been to sight, and refused entry, due to your reverse buzzer not emitting the correct sound? Or been told your equipment does not meet the sights noise specifications?

Have you ever worked out what the cost is, to replace, or fit two reverse buzzers? Now I am not only talking about replacing or fitting another reverse buzzer, but the actual cost implications of leaving a work sight, to bring your vehicle or equipment up to the sites specifications. The hours lost, labour cost, fuel cost, insurance cost. I can go on. 

After speaking to a lot of contractors, who were frustrated with this situation, I approached my team with a solution. Why not make a reverse buzzer that could both beep and squawk, at he flick of a switch?

At first my engineers told me it could not be done, but after two weeks of brainstorming, we finally had a working sample. Yes, a reverse alarm that could both beep and squawk.

Now contractors, can approach any site, with confidence, that their vehicles and equipment, will not be refused site entry due to noise warning specifications. 

And cut the costly exercise of replacing the reverse buzzer. 

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