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12w LED Programmable Cluster Slim

12w LED Programmable Cluster Slim

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12w LED Programmable Cluster Slim

6 x 2 Watt coloured LEDs

Can be mounted to trucks, emergency vehicles, recovery vehicles, etc

Water-resistant and dustproof

CE Certified

PC board is epoxy potted for durability and increased lifespan

Clear lens version available on request

Operating temperature: -25° to 85° C

Operating voltage: 10 – 30 VDC

Polycarbonate UV stabilised lens and base

Current draw @ 12 V: 0.5 Amps

Dimensions: H10mm x D28mm x W113mm

Programmable Cluster:

Linked clusters can be programmed with synchronised and selectable patterns: Single, Left to Right, Single & Double, Left to Right Double Alternating, Quad, Left to Right Quad Alternating, California Tile, Fade In and Out, Static On, Quint

Built-in control chip allows independent or linked use

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