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Wheel Chock Holder

Wheel Chock Holder


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Wheel Chock Holder

Your reliable solution for securing two-wheel chocks with precision and durability. Designed with functionality in mind, this holder is crafted to accommodate two-wheel chocks effortlessly, offering a seamless and secure storage solution for your essential safety equipment.

With dimensions measuring 340mm x 125mm x 140mm, the ACOT500 Wheel Chock Holder provides a compact and efficient storage option without compromising on stability. The use of high-quality 2mm 304 stainless steel ensures robust construction, making it resistant to corrosion and ensuring longevity in various environmental conditions.

Equipped with a chain and R-clip, this holder adds an extra layer of security to keep your wheel chocks firmly in place. Installation is a breeze, providing convenience for users seeking a hassle-free solution for their safety equipment.

Invest in the ACOT500 Wheel Chock Holder – a combination of precision engineering, durable materials, and ease of use to safeguard your wheel chocks and enhance safety in your workspace or during transit.

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